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Payroll Bureau & The TopSource Group are proud to announce we have an incredible new partner, Hastee!

Hastee is an award winning employee benefit that enables workers to take a portion of their earned pay, on demand.

Hastee allows you to attract talent, keep them happy and give them something they’ll actually value. (more…)

The UK government has increased the risk rating for Coronavirus from low to moderate.

Some businesses are considering the possibilities of having to shut down in the wake of a positive test result but are hoping the situation in the UK won’t go the same as Italy. (more…)

Understanding the difference between these three different categories of pay is imperative for big and small businesses as not correctly paying employees can result in large penalties. (more…)

Draft legislation was published in 2019 setting out significant changes to IR35. On April 6, 2020, the United Kingdom’s anti-avoidance tax law called Inland Revenue 35 (IR35), or “off-payroll working,” changes significantly for the private sector. (more…)

The GDPR is the strongest set of data protection laws in the world and currently covers the whole of Europe including the United Kingdom. It was mutually agreed and has been enforced since May 25th 2018. The purpose was to develop and modernise the pre-existing protection laws around individuals personal data. (more…)