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HMRC has added a calculator that can be used to work out what can be claimed for the majority of employees who are paid the same amount each pay period – for example, weekly or monthly paid employees.

Furlough Claims Calculator

There are some exceptions to this, including if employees:

  • Receive top-up pay in the claim period
  • Returned from statutory leave, such as maternity leave, in the last three months
  • Receive director’s payments
  • Have been transferred under TUPE
  • Have been employed at separate times throughout the year
  • Receive employer pension contributions outside of an auto-enrolment pension scheme

One of the famous payroll outsourcing companies uk is  sharing this calculator, which is aimed at organisations with a small number of employees to assist them in working out figures that can be claimed. It will help with the calculation of:

  • Gross amount to be paid to a furloughed employee
  • Employer National Insurance (NI) contributions
  • Employer minimum auto-enrolment pension costs

It will also provide a breakdown of the calculations for each pay period. The figures are given per employee, for the claim period that has been specified. The calculator should be run separately for each employee that is being claimed for, and the claimant should total the results.

Claimants will require:

  • Start date of claim
  • End date of claim
  • Employee’s pay dates
  • End dates of the periods of time they are paid for
  • How much they are paid, prior to deductions
  • When their furlough started (and ended, if applicable)
  • Their NI category letter